Chair holders

As a sorority we work together to support each other in the best way we know how, through love, friendship, and a growing relationship with Christ. But the sorority as we know it would not be possible without the incredible work put in by our chair holders. These are young women, elected from among the active members of our sorority that take on an important leadership positions in the sorority and are examples of the character of Mu Epsilon Theta.

Congratulations to the elected chair holders for the Spring 2019 Semester!


Chaplin (Spirituality Chairs):
Ani Mora
Mallory McKee

Active Motivators:
Serena Bear
Claila Marentes

Natalie Rangel

Service Chairs:
Amber Treybig
Julissa Moreno

Academic Chair:
Emily Whiteside

Lambda Liaison:
Miriam Jewel

Marifer Lebrija

Taylor Frontera

University Catholic Center Liaison:
Brenda Arellano

Alumni Liaison:
Caiti Caminade

Social Chairs:
Alex Tamez
Madi McGuire

Merchandise Chair:
Nathalie Patajo

Francelia Trejo

Meghan Lovett