Finals: How God Can Help

Ah, finals season is upon us. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, am I right? L.O.L.

If you’re like most, you are one stressful and busy bee for the next week or so as you take or prepare for final exams. In this very crazy and overwhelming time of the semester, I think we can all forget who is really in control and who is always there to help us when we need it. I mean, who wouldn’t? As college students, we have papers, projects, tests, extra-curricular activities, our faith, friendships, family, and so much else to balance that life can become a blur at times. But even in these blurry moments, even when we aren’t thinking about Him, He is always there. God will always be there. Although sometimes it may not feel like it, He is with you all the time.

Yes, He’s there even while you’re taking finals. I know that feeling God’s presence while I prepare for and take tests really helps me focus and calm down, so here are a few tips to help you feel Him there too:

1. Pray, pray, pray! 

Girl, pray your heart out! This one may be the most obvious tip, but it’s too important to not mention. Pray whatever and however you want. Pray in the car, pray at home, pray in the chapel, pray during your test, ask others to pray for you; just PRAY! Prayer is a very key and important aspect of our faith life because it brings us so much closer to God by creating a more intimate relationship with Him. During finals, this relationship is even more crucial as you try to keep your wits and sanity about you. Just turn to God, ask for help, guidance, his presence, or whatever it is that you need to get you through this stressful time.

2. Take a rosary with you

You don’t even have to pray the rosary (although, it wouldn’t hurt), just take one with ya! Feeling Momma Mary’s presence can be super comforting during a stressful time like finals. It’s also a great way to feel God’s presence too! Just take a rosary with you in your pocket or your backpack to have a physical reminder that Momma Mary and God are always there.

3. Read Bible verses

We all know that God speaks to us and reveals Himself to us in many different ways. One of which is through scripture. Try pulling out your Bible or your Jesus Calling and read a few verses/pages when you’re feeling overwhelmed amidst your studies. Not only does it temporarily take your mind off of stress, but God might just speak to you through your reading and really help you push through finals week!

4. Listen to Christian music

Go ahead and SANG! Christian music is full of love, positivity, inspiration, and light. Who doesn’t need some of that during finals week?! This tip can also go hand in hand with the previous tip. Like I mentioned, God is always trying to speak to us; listening to Christian music is another great way to hear His messages.

5. Take time to be holy

Now, I don’t mean the word “holy” as being “goody-goody.” I mean that you should try setting aside some quiet time to be still in the presence of God. You don’t even have to do anything, just be still. You can do this by receiving communion, going to daily mass, attending adoration, or simply sitting in the chapel. Focusing your mind and heart on our Lord allows you to free yourself from your worries and stresses by giving them to God. Some of the limitless benefits of this include both physical and emotional healing, feeling closer to God, and feeling more at peace. You just have to allow yourself to open up and soak up the light of His presence so that you may receive the MANY blessings God has prepared for you.

There are so many more ways to help you through finals, but these are just a few ways involving God in your life can help you. Oh, and always remember to eat, sleep, and breathe. You got this. Rock out those finals, you’re almost done!