Founded on Faith

The final information session has happened and we had a surprise guest, PATRICIA PEREZ, one of our FOUNDERS!

She came by and shared the reason why she started this sorority and why she has come back. She said she was looking for a community which she could share her Catholic faith with and a support system for her college career. But what made her want to get more involved after being away for some time?? But of course the love and support of her sisters at the Beta Chapter in Texas State. The women of the Beta Chapter were there for Patricia when her and her family needed it the most. They had never met but that didn’t really matter. Because as her sisters in Mu Epsilon Theta and in Christ they were there to help.

That is the best part about being in this sorority. We have a strength we have formed together; a bonded sisterhood. But we also have the strength of our faith. We look to each other for prayer and as friends we share our college experience together. We are sisters for life and sisters in Christ.

Much Mu Love!