The Down Low on the Info (sessions)

  1. You are going to meet a lot of young women, each with crazy amazing dreams and each very different from each other. So try your best with names, but don’t fret when you can’t remember (its a lot of names). And most importantly just be your self. Smile and have fun because this is only the beginning and there is so many more adventures to be had together!
  2. Pledging Mu Epsilon Theta takes several months. Why? Well we want you to understand what sort of commitment it means to be a member of our sorority. Yes it takes some time and energy, but you get amazing friendships and so so many memories with these women in return.
  3. We are all at different points in our faith journeys. Each one of us is still learning and striving to have a better faith life. And we love you no matter what pint you at in your journey, because we all work together to get better.
  4. School is still important. Being a MuEp means being with your sisters during those fun outings for ice cream and for the late night study sessions. We are a support system that can help you achieve your dreams if you let us and that means helping each other do our very best at school.
  5. Lastly, don’t get nervous. We are here to welcome you. Introduce your self. Stay and talk to us. We would love to get to know you. And please, please ask us questions about anything you want to know.


Hope to see you at the Information Sessions!! Much Mu Love!!


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